website collage Viveick is working towards breathing new life into his well-­‐loved percussion set; Viveick recently launched a fresh performance concept centered on a one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind drum kit. While this act displays a whole new side of Viveick, the instruments and Fx employed remain rooted to his signature sound, distinctly raw and earthy interpretation of traditional drum-­‐n-­‐bass electronica.

Viveick’s new drum kit consists of bass drum, Chenda [a Marathi folk instrument], hi-­‐hats, Mridangam, Kanjira, a MIDI keyboard and looper. Peppering in the occasional vocal line, Viveick expertly combines these elements to form a coherent, complex and layered sound. Beyond transporting listeners to the depths of their vivid imaginations, Viveick’s new sound inspires groundbreaking possibilities for amalgamating music and technology.

While his melodies display traditional classical and folk influences, the scope of his music can be widened to collaborate with various artists and forms of music. Viveick creates an overall musical experience that is organic, diverse & exciting.

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