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Viveick is now working on his next album, Music Prayer Rhythm People, an experimental world music album with tracks that are collaborative in nature. It is an unprecedented sonic presentation that attempts to transcend geographical, cultural and mental boundaries. Each country has its own set of music, prayer, rhythm and people, but all of these express the same human emotions across cultures.

One-take recordings with live effects and minimal post production work, succeed in creating tracks that exude spontaneity and lends a distinctive sound to this album. This project was born out of Viveick’s customized percussion kit that employed his instruments of choice while fusing Indian and western sounds. These instruments lend a raw and earthy interpretation to traditional drum and bass and electronica

Some of the collaborations so far include artists like Veronica Iliopoulou – Greece, Georges Nehmes – Beirut and K.C. Loy – Mumbai.

I Will Break Cups – I Will Break Cups is a popular folk Greek song with dark, melancholic lyrics on love, separation and the angst that follows. Viveick Rajagopalan and Veronica Iliopoulou merge Grecian Folk with traditional Carnatic elements and a drum-n-bass groove to produce an ethereal sound that captures the listener. The song is quite a rage in Greece now.

Music and Prayer – Music and Prayer is a collaboration between Viveick Rajagopalan, Pratik Srivastav, (sarod player from Kolkata) and Sabiha Khan, (singer in Mumbai) The track has a calm and meditative mood with an effortless blend of percussions, sarod and a call to prayer in the form of Azaan. The track is a rare capture of the magical spontaneity between musicians, with all the effects being recorded Live without and editing.

Chakita Dang – Chakita Dang is a super energetic and fun collaboration between Viveick and his long time friend K. C. Loy, a singer, lyricist and composer. K.C. wrote the track as a tribute to Viveick expressing his admiration for his music. With bilingual lyrics, it reminds one of the folk dance drama traditions of India. Viveick has created a landmark in the Indian music space by collaborating with the renowned puppeteer Anurupa Roy to create a shadow puppetry video for the track.

Munyati feat. Georges Nehhme – Munyati literally means “You, whom I yearn for”. It’s an excerpt from a ‘muwashshah’; an Arabic form of poetic composition, which was popularised by Sayyed Darwish.

In this song, Viveick Rajagopalan blends Middle Eastern and Indian Music using Indian instruments such as mridangam, chenda, Indian violin and bass. Georges Nehme lends his soulful voice, which flows seamlessly throughout the track. Sanskrit chants at the end building into a crescendo, the song ends with a feeling of mystique and longing.

Theiyye feat. Resmi Sateesh – Theiyye is a folk song written by Madhu Narayanan,that has been re-composed and arranged with Indian Ethnic sounds,Flamenco style guitars and odd yet groovy beats.the deep bass line adds to the dark character of the song.The track features.Resmi Sateesh ,a very unique from Kerala,India

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