“Good music comes from the mind, great music from the soul

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Viveick is a musician and composer, straddling both worlds with equal ease. Trained under the Carnatic tradition on the majestic percussive instruments mridangam and kanjira... read more..


Ta Dhom Project was a pert of the "OFFICIAL SELECTION" of WOMEX2018. I believe Ta Dhom Project has created a sub-text in the Hip Hop Culture, and added an Indian classical twist to it, which has never been done before read more..


Viveick is now working on his next album, Music Prayer Rhythm People, an experimental world music album with tracks that are collaborative in nature. read more..


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A fading artform, Konakkol was recently brought to the forefront by the #TaDhom project, which blends it with the modern sounds of hip-hop. Learn the art of Konakkol, the language of percussion, with @viveick, the founder of the movement, on 3rd March.
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Join us, Live on Facebook, for the #AMAwithHarmanProIndia featuring Viveick Rajagopalan (@viveick). Block your calendars to ask him anything- from music and audio equipment, to where he gets his inspiration from!
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